Castor oil has been a traditional way of enhancing beauty and the process has descended down from the ancient history of attaining beauty. Castor oil is a natural remedy for almost all our skin problems and pours a lot of goodness to it. Not only just skin, castor oil has proved to a remarkable treatment for hair problems as well. The seeds of the castor plant are crushed and the oil, that is rich in nutrients, is extracted. This oil is far and wide used in the making of many beauty products, massage oils, soups and is used even in the Ayurveda products.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Healthy Skin

  1. Heals Inflamed Skin

  2. Fights Signs of Aging

  3. Reduces Acne

  4. Fades Blemishes

  5. Moisturizing Properties

  6. Reduces Stretch Marks

  7. Reduces Pigmentation

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